Young craftsmen live and run a bussness in a city of old townhouses.

Young craftsmen live, have a production, and open their shop over the weekend at the over 100 year-old Machiya-nagaya (townhouse) which was built in Taisho era.

Going through a side street of 70 year-old sento (Japanese public bath) Daikokuyu and you will see 'Ajiki-roji' which is the place to make 'living and working at the same place' happen in reality.


The owner of the Machiya (townhouse) invited tenants from all over the places in Japan in order to 'support young creators in Kyoto'.

So many different kinds of young creators work there as baked confectionery store, bakery, hat shop, and dry flower craftsman now.

Note : Please visit there official web site for more information. (English and Chinese available). 

You might want to go shopping to find a masterpiece in the weekends, or just walk around in order to feel the atmosphere of a narrow alley and their passion for living and creating that you don't see in a big city anymore.


P.S. The book 'Living in Ajiki-roji,' which is about daily life in townhouse and a relationship with people there, was published recently. Available at a gallery there, some Ogaki book stores, and their web site.


【Spot Information】

<Kyoto-machiya Ajiki-roji>

ADDRESS : 284 Daikokumachi-Dori Matsubara-sagaru Ni-chome Yamashiro-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto city (MAP)

HOURS : Please check their web site