Take a bath while you stop traveling around. This is a sento (Japanese public bath) from the old days and still people from geisha quarter come and relax.


In order to enjoy the moment in Kyoto,

I learned to 'take a bath before you go drinking in the evening.'


We are all going to get sweaty after we walk around some temples, so it's better to refresh our exhaustion and sticky sweat. Perfectly clean and go drinking. This is something that I would like to try for sure.

Perfect match for this situation, there is Daikokuyu within walking distance from Kenninji, Gion and Higashiyama area.



This is the entrance. Going through a different Noren (entrance curtain) is the sento style. Once you go inside, you still can see and feel the good old days in Japan.



13-IMG_6356 14-IMG_6373

Electric bath, jet bath, deep bath, shallow bath, and kusuriyu (medicated bath) are all set including sauna. Well water is used for all of these baths.


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Your eyes will catch this magnificent tile art on the wall which was made since Daikokuyu opened 70 years ago. The owner Mr. Matsumoto says, "Probably it costed about 2 or 3 million to build something like this. At that time the sento was a huge trend and hard to make something like this tile art in these days."



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Posters, signs, and advertisement on a mirror, it all stays here as if it has stopped since the beginning. It doesn't make us feel this is an old place because of the cleanness everywhere.


11-IMG_6366 12-IMG_6364

Because of the area around here, you still can meet some people from geisha quarter such as Maiko-san and Geiko-san. This fan was given by 94 year-old Geiko named 'Mieko'.

A lot of women customers use this public bath, the size of a bath room and a dressing room is little bit larger than man's.




Over 50 year-old sturdy watch stand.




It used to see a lot of these baskets called 'Yanagi-gouri' but now it becomes so much rare to see. People used to put their clothes into this basket. The owner says and smiles, "It seems that not so many young people use a public bath, but when you come here, you can get to meet and communicate with new people and it is very interesting."

No doubt to come here Daikokuyu as my debut of 'bath before drink'.




【Spot Information】


ADDRESS : 284 Daikokumachi-Dori Matsubara-sagaru Yamashiro-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto city

HOURS : 15:15 p.m. ~ 1:00 a.m.

CLOSED : Tuesday