Masudaya Building

Retro building opened for creative tenants since 30 years ago

Gojo Dori had once been a pottery street leading to Gojo Gama, where many craftsperson had also lived.

Even now, it inherits that craftsmanship culture and are populated with 'monozukuri (crafting)' people. Such people gathers at places like Jimukino Ueda Building, Gojo Mall and Gojo Tsukuru Building and are getting more attention lately.


Masudaya Building stands in such area. It is a retro building of 50 years known to those that are in the knows.

It does not shine out as totally renovated building, but due to its general policy of letting the tenants do whatever DIY they prefer, artists and photographer started to move in and gallery and antique book stores started to open in the last 30 years.


Present 4 tenants:

Happy Rock!! slow design, original furniture & product shop
haku, pottery shop
Sunano syo, antique book store


haku, pottery shop
Potter Suehiro Takako's shop as well as studio


The shop is also used as a studio, where she creates her pottery and to have classes.


13-IMG_6284 14-IMG_6285


Based in white, her pottery gives a refreshing impression.

'When it is hot, I would rather not have dark colored pottery in my hand, like black or brown' says she. She changes the color of her works according to the seasons.


I found an interesting color samples of glazes that she has been collecting since student. She has 16,000 already and the collection is still growing.
Customers can chose colors from here when ordering her work.

Just a slight difference in the amount of glaze and baking time will change the color dramatically.


Pottery buttons. Exquisite colors are made possible by going through the samples.

The antique book shop Sunano sho on the 5th floor was also open this day.

Books where piled up high until the ceiling, and a good breeze was coming in from the window.

The owner of this shop is quite talkative and I had learnt of many interesting stories.

Masudaya Building is more like a place where 'residents started a business at home' rather than stores coming in to do only the business.

There are few shops that are open regularly, but if you get the timing right, it is possible to spend quality time talking to the owners.

I guess it is better to go there thinking of taking a chance to meet some precious friend, and not solely for shopping.

<Masudaya Building>
Address: 215-6 Nakakanabutsucho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto (map)