Annex, The Museum of Kyoto

Japan's leading western architecture  The Museum of Kyoto introduces the history and culture of Kyoto through various exhibitions and events. Its Annex had formerly been used as Kyoto Branch of the Bank of Japan, and has been designated as a nationally important cultural property for its modern western style. It is used for exhibition and concert event, but even on ordinary days it is opened to public for free of charge.   18-IMG_5800Architects were led by Kingo Tatsuno, who have his work on many of Japan's important architectures such as the Tokyo Station. It is among the best brick building in Japan with artistic construction and material details. 13-IMG_5210 Most of what exist here, except for the lights and counter, has been used from its original days as a bank. 14-IMG_5211 First time I visited, it was having a fashion event. The grand sound of classic music had almost taken me away to a different world. 03-IMG_4190 'There are number of amazing techniques implied everywhere' explains Mr. Takakuwa, the head of planning division. 19-IMG_5803 The bricks had been built together in a different method than today. The trench between the bricks are made to go in a little. The opening and closing of the shade is done by using a weight hidden at both sides of the building, which is very practical. 10-IMG_4218 Each room has a different pattern floor, the big hall, former parlor, etc. 16-IMG_5216 'Meiji period (1868-1912), when it was built, was the golden age of the brick architecture. The craftsman must have had a great technique' continues Mr. Takakuwa, who also guesses that it may also had an intention of appealing the Japanese technology and national power to the foreigners that were coming to Kyoto. It still seems to have a great impact even among the professional architects, luring many from far away to this day. The thick iron door having knobs only in the inside to protect the Bank office is also a point to check out when visiting. Temples and shrines are not the only spot worth visiting in Kyoto. This also represents Japan's proud culture. Plus, it is free. Do take your time to look around, inside out. <Annex, The Museum of Kyoto> Address: 623 Higashikatamachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto Phone: +81(0)75-222-0888 Hours: 10:00-19:30 (Time varies for different events) Website: