To tell you the truth, the first floor is a well-kept-secret place to drink relaxingly! Sazanka-tei is not only for a party situation.


If you used to be a student of any universities in Kyoto, you should have used this Izakaya, 'Sazanka-tei' as a party. Moreover, speaking of 'Sazanka-tei', it is considered commonly as a place for undergraduate students to have a party in Kyoto. However, I got good information of how to enjoy the moment at Sazanka-tei not only as a party.



"On the first floor at Rokkaku branch store, there are person who drinks alone and families to eat dinner. It is very reasonable to drink and eat here though."


To tell you the truth, I suspiciously wondered, "Is it true?" until I had an actual experience there, but once you go there, just like everyone says, or even more than I expected, I totally enjoyed 'the first floor of Sazanka-tei Rokkaku branch'.


Bars in a row, so many people in Kiyamachi on the weekends. This Sazanka-tei Rokkaku branch is actually in their own building and it has big party rooms above 4th floor.


As I heard before, there are counter seats, regular table seats and Japanese table seats for 4 to 10 people available. So to speak, nice and clean Izakaya (Japanese style bar).


First of all, a mug of draft beer.

  2-IMG_0155 Almost all menus are cheap around ¥500. Soft and thick Pork Kakuni (pork cube boiled with seasoning), Gyusuji-nikomi (the stewed cow line meat), Atka mackerel, Grilled Salmon Halas (salmon stomach fatty part), all these dishes are perfectly promised.   03-IMG_6413

There were also today's menu, and assorted Kyoto pickles as well.


'Kamo Eggplant Dengaku' was extremely delicious. Eating with a spoon by deviding moist and hot Kamo eggplant with salty-sweet miso.


At a counter, I was able to see a professional sushi chef who was making sushi one by one perfectly even it was only ¥150 or even ¥680 for sushi set and it seemed his sushi was very popular at that moment.





And moreover, it is much cheaper here to drink a high ball with Yamazaki and Shirasu whisky. (Actually, after taking so many high balls, everything was getting so much fun for me)






I had a seat next to the person who used to work here and came back Kyoto after several years and able to talk the staffs through his introduction. Regardless of being at a 'large' restaurant, people who work here are very cheerful on top of their hard working, I feel something warm and gentle as if I was at a private restaurant.




I had my first experience of new sashimi, Zuiki (taro potato stem) and Bocchi (an octopus head) by courtesy of their service.



Their staffs who used to work and work now recommended to me Sabasushi unanimously. They told me, "Our Sabasushi is much better than any places." I don't eat Sabasushi often and don't even know how to compare to the others, but I tried one and it was unbelievably amazing. Surprisingly, this Sabasushi is also only ¥150 per one.

  08-IMG_6429 Like the way they serve everything perfectly, and even though their dishes are cooked professionally, everything is reasonable and you can eat and drink without being worried about your bills so much. On that day, I saw a foreign tourists group and staffs couldn't speak English at all, but there was English menu available.   01-IMG_6409

You might want to consider Sazanka-tei Rokkaku branch 1F as one of your restaurant choices, since you can go there just to drink like as usual, or you can enjoy their traditional Japanese and Kyoto dishes reasonably when you come here as a tourist.



【Shop Information】 ADDRESS : Dairoku-kanko Bldg, 183 Higashi Kiyamachi-dori Sanjo-sagaru 2chome Zaimoku-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city (MAP) PHONE : +81(0)50-5816-8512 HOURS : 5:00 p.m. ~ 12:00 a.m. (LO 11:30 p.m.) CLOSED : be opened throughout the year ENGLISH MENU AVAILABLE