Shokudo Ruins

  The ruins that gather people from other countries and artists and keep changing itself. Only dozens of meters down from Shijo Kawaramachi and go into a small alley between Kiyamachi-dori and Kawaramachi-dori. Regardless of the place close to a downtown area, it changes the atmosphere and becomes quiet once you step into this little alley.   10-FullSizeRender 36 There is a restaurant called 'Shokudo Ruins' in a middle of the street.     07-IMG_5156 From the entrance to the courtyard inside, a space opens out and there is a wellhole above, you feel spacious but also there is a feeling of hideaway as well. The owner used to study abroad in France, so there are lots of french people, and people from other countries, and artists, too.   06-IMG_5152 Ruins mean 'Haikyo' in Japanese. It used to be a residence, but became ruins so they refurbished this townhouse into this restaurant.   3-IMG_0161 (A single wooden board counter. You can lean on it and relax.) I can't find any words to say about this feeling such as this cool atmosphere inside, mysteriously cosy feeling, and I don't know why I can drink this much and talk a lot somehow.     6-IMG_0164 Moreover, whenever I ask about this 'Shokudo Ruins' to everyone around, people always smile at me. Even though you see the name of 'Shokudo (restaurant)' at their name, it doesn't mean that they have a lot of menu for foods. (Usually people come here to drink.)   04-IMG_5148 (Stuffed cabbage with herbs is simply and amazingly delicious. )   5-IMG_0163 I feel something like a sense of human being and the owner's character inside this restaurant especially within their decoration, furnitures, plants, drinks, dishes, music and even lights. Instead of being perfect, it mixes with 'imperfection' like who we are as a human being. It is more attractive and lovely to have 'space' and 'lack' in human being as well like this place has.   1-IMG_0159 ( You can see a several plants produced by Re:planter. There is an ecosystem of plant inside of a glass bottle.)         08-IMG_5161 We can't describe the word, but we all talk together like 'I feel good here' by looking at an art work, listening to a music, and meeting a person. That is what 'Shokudo Ruins' all about.     I somehow typed up a lot of abstract words compared to any other articles I made, but this place is something that I can't describe by my vocabulary and has good access, so please stop by. I think I am going to visit this place often from now on, so I will be glad to see you here then.   10-FullSizeRender 36 【Shop Information】 ADDRESS : 319 Kawaramachi Shijo-sagaru Inari-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto city (MAP) PHONE : +81(0)75-708-5853 HOURS : 3:00 p.m. ~ 1:00 a.m. CLOSED : Tuesday WEBSITE :