Elementary school boys and girls in Kyoto mostly hike this mountain. Daimonji-yama is well known nationwide as Okuribi (mountain bonfire) in August 16th. This is an excursion spot for elementary school children in Kyoto since it is easy to hike and if you hike at a quick pace, it only takes 30 minutes to the top. For the university students, it is an active dating spot. You are able to view the entire scenery of Kyoto city because the whole place which you will see the bonfire and a letter 'Dai' close to the top of the mountain has not trees around. Once you hiked up to that place, you can see people who eat their bento box and who take a nap as well. Like you see in mountain climbing, people naturally communicate each other. I met an old man who hikes this mountain everyday, a junior highschool boy who ran up here without loosing his breath and young people who looked sweaty even though they took 3 times rest on their way. There are several hiking routes and you can start from Otsu city. There is a spring water drinking spot on the way of Ginkakuji route. Once you get out of the city, you are able to have some experiences of plenty of natures around immediately. Daimonji-yama is necessary for Kyoto scenery and when you hike this mountain and change the way of your view to the city, you are going to see a different aspect of Kyoto you've never seen. Daimonji-yama (MAP)