Uji is famous for high quality green tea production. Thus, the city is full of things related to tea. One of the signature place is , an authentic teahouse promoting the tea ceremony using Uji green tea. This is also one of the few publicly run teahouse in Japan by the city municipal. DSC_0071 16032494993_8b6b1314af_b It is named 'Taiho-an' since it is  built across from Byodo-in Temple (Buddhist temple designated as World Cultural Heritage), ('Tai' means facing or across from, 'ho' stands for 'Byo' of Byodo-in, 'an' means small cottage). Taiho-an serves Uji green tea with seasonal sweets to the visitors. 16651368332_bd602d01b6_z Different school of tea ceremony takes turn in serving the visitors, so different style can be enjoyed after certain period. Some people even get lured into the tradition of tea ceremony that they start learning them after a while. DSC_0073 Taiho-an is opened for people new to the tea culture, as well as people who are accustomed to it. They have service in English, Chinese and Korean, and is also opened mostly throughout the year. There seems to be much focus put in to this place as an important way to promote tea culture. Do try out the tea if you have a chance to visit Uji. 16652375095_2f9f05f64a_b Address: 2 Uji Togawa, Uji City (map) Hours: 10:00-16:00 (January 10th - December 20th, no holidays between this period) Phone: +81(0)774-23-3334 E-mail: info@kyoto-uji-kankou.or.jp