100000t alonetoco.

Record shop where people can nestle up against music, for savvy and newbies

Going up north on Teramachi-dori from Oike-dori and you will find 10000t alonecoto. in the second floor of a building, with a hand written sign board.


2-IMG_2638 1-100000talonetoco An elegant hallway will lead you to a very cozy record shop. If a 'famous record shop' gives you an image of a place that will only welcome those that qualifies to step in, you are wrong. The master of the shop, Mr. Kaji, will welcome you with a friendly smile. I told him how nervous I was since I am not savvy in music. He laughed and said that 'this shop is not meant to be only for the core fans. I want it to be more open, a place where people with different taste can meet and get to know each other. Like a lady working in Shijo Karasuma can meet a university student who is into subculture.'




4-IMG_2640 Records are neatly organized according to its genre, rock pops, jazz, blues... Most of them are around 1,000 yen, but the ones at the lower boxed are 200 yen. They also have second hand books, CD, DVD and even clothes.



5-IMG_2641 Records are becoming popular with young people recently, and I saw many of them coming into the shop, I am guessing high school students and people in the 20's.  There are good players under 10,000 yen in the market now, making it easy for the young people to start enjoying the sound of records.



6-IMG_2642 I asked a very basic question. What is so good about records? And the answer came with an interesting episode. 'I came across a really cool album among the new products, so I had them on in the shop for 2 hours. 3 customers came up to ask what was being played. So I bought a CD of that same album, but funny thing is that it wasn't good at all. I had it on air the whole day in the shop, but no one came to ask me about it'



3-IMG_2639 There is a listening seat at the corner next to a window where you can try any of the records. Sitting there listening a nice jazz, gazing down at the Teramachi-dori made me relaxed. It was a place where anyone can nestle up against music, whether they are savvy or not.




〈100000t alonetoco.〉

Address: Morris Building 2nd Floor, 485 Kamihonnoji-mae-cho, Teramachi-oike agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto  (map)

Phone: +81(0)90-9877-7384

Holiday: Irregular Hours: 12:00-20:00

Web: http://100000t.com/