Losing yourself in the UK rock music with a cocktail glass.

In the UK rock bar, people who love music chill with a cocktail glass. That's how I describe THE WELLER'S CLUB. The owner, Mr.Yamamoto says, "It's called club, but I would rather say this is a bar." In the United Kingdom, there are so many bars that attract people with their music and drinks. He tells me that he wants to provide its English cultural atmosphere. "WELLER" is named after Paul Weller, who is a leader of rock music world. Mr.Yamamoto used to be a bassist and also a friend of Mr.Weller. He was asking Mr.Weller that he had an idea of opening his own bar, and they talked about it and decided to put his last name for the bar.


They don't carry menus. You can tell bartenders your favorite cocktail, or even order your special one by expressing the taste such as "Something sweet" or "Something light". Most of their drinks are 700 yen, and draft beer is 800 yen. Cash on style.



IMG_2692 IMG_2696

It was very hot day, so I asked a bartender if he could make something light with Vodka. What they served was a drink with fresh citrus scent, and two beautiful layers of yellow color of grapefruit and red color of blood orangejuice.




Several times in a week, they have small acoustic live music performances and DJ events. They also have a monthly regular event, so the day I visited was the third sunday and they had DJ party called 'Sunday Music Saloon' which I saw about ten DJs took turn themselves in every other hour. The first saturday every month, They have an event called 'Northern Poetics' which I think it is the most suitable DJ event for and this is about trendy 60's black music, northern soul, in northern England.




While I was listening to the music deeply, I was also getting comfortable, so I ordered another drink which was a cocktail with Vodka and Pineapple juice. Slight hazy blue color attracted me so much.



You might want to lose yourself in good music and cocktails at when you want to get out of a loop of every day busy life.  



ADDRESS : 5F Raport Bldg, 146 Aburaya-cho Takoyakushi Nishi-iru Fuya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city (MAP) PHONE : +81(0)75-253-0753 HOURS : 8:00 p.m. ~ 2:00 a.m. (depending on an event, they open earlier time) CLOSED : Wednesday WEB SITE :