Cafe Kamogawa

Obsessed in being relaxed. Comfortable moment with a home roasted coffee at

There is a spacious cafe with a high ceiling waiting for you up at the narrow stairs. Wide range of customers are enjoying their tea time, young lady friends, senior couple, foreigners that are possibly tourist, etc. IMG_2836 I ordered from their recommended menu, home roasted Kamogawa house blend coffee. Deep roasted beans had a fine aroma and richness, yet so refreshing at the end. IMG_2850 Huge book shelf was full of magazines, novels and comic books. I noticed a war comics, which was a bit unexpected for me to be in a comfortable place like here. IMG_2842 'Cafe has be part of an ordinary days. There are many cafe that has cool collection of design books and literary books, but I feel that people are more into comics at home. So I made a collection hoping for people to be able to relax' saids the master, Mr. Takayama. When he opened he focused on eliminating being under certain genre, or having any kind of obsession. Not only the collection of books, but the music came in all sorts, from classic to pops. The loft area had been used as a gallery exhibiting photo, pottery, drawings... many things. 'We collected whatever we thought was good. We are not aiming to become stylish or cool, we rather like being called lame' laughs Mr. Takayama. Not obsessed in being cool is actually giving freedom for all sorts of customer to relax and make at home of themselves. Soaking myself in this atmosphere with a nice smell of coffee, I can become timeless. IMG_2854 They are opened until 23:30. It becomes a dining place during evening. This place is good to enjoy coffee and books, visit the gallery, enjoy dining after dark. Just suit yourself! Address: 229-1 Kamiikesu-cho, Nishi Sanbongi-dori Koujin-guchi sagaru, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto (map) Hours: 12:00〜23:00(LO 22:30) Holiday: Thursday Phone: +81(0)75 - 211 - 4757 Web: