Music and food are right next each other. Unique live house <LIVE&SAKE NEGAPOSI>

There are distinctive music scenes in Kyoto compared to any other places and also a lot of live houses. Probably, some of the places might satisfy your ears and your heart with your favorite music, but I don't think you can find any live houses which will satisfy your stomach, too. IMG_2755 At this live house which is called 'NEGAPOSI' inspired from 'Ying Yang' chinese character, food and music are right next each other. Not only alcohol drinks, also they carry many kinds of appetizers and main dishes. You can eat after a live performance, or you can eat while you listen to the music. IMG_2771 Live music performance is held almost every day. The live performance I saw was not on a stage, It was a 'floor live' that every music band played at the center of the live house. From a solo acoustic guitar play with a beautiful voice to explosive punk band, I was able to enjoy so many different genres all at once. About three times in a month, they open their live house as Izakaya (traditional Japanese style bar) called 'YORUPOSI'. They have Rakugo (traditional Japanese comic storytelling) or ghost story but music event. They also had a camping event that they put up a tent inside the live house. IMG_2786 After a live performance, I ordered their speciality called 'YAMA-NO NEGAPOSI DON'. White rough grated radish, black chopped laver and Tonburi (mountain caviar/seeds from Kochia) expresses Ying Yang color. Big volume, but it is very light taste, so I was able to eat quickly. Other famous Doburi dishes are 'UMI-NO NEGAPOSI DON' which has flying fish roe, imitation crab meat, mayonnaise and wasabi together and 'BLACK MA-BO DON' with Hana-sansho (Sichuan Peppercorns) that makes you feel like you want to eat it again. IMG_2790 From Monday to Thursday, no entrance fee. Even though you are not familiar with a live house, I would like you to visit this place for a dinner after your work. On a slow weekend, dating your partner at the live house would be nice. <LIVE&SAKE NEGAPOSI> proposes the new way of live house. Unfortunately, this live house will close its business in Dec 31st, 2015. However, the owner, Mr.Arimoto says, "I'm not going to end up like this, so I will definitely find a different way to open up again." So, I am very much looking forward to seeing his new live house after that.   <LIVE&SAKE NEGAPOSI> ADDRESS : BF1 Mori Bldg, 610 Kusunoki-cho Takeyamachi-sagaru Ainomachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city (MAP) PHONE : +81(0)75-252-8856 HOURS : 6:30 p.m. ~ 1:00 a.m. (LO 12:30 a.m. / The time changes depending on an event, so please check their web site ) CLOSED : Irregular holiday WEB SITE :