Taking time to create rich bread

Bakery is near the bus stop of Takagaminekaminocho, Kyoto City Bus. People even travel far to come to this simple and stylish white bakery shop. IMG_2958 There is usually 40-50 different kinds of bread inside the shop. The popular baguette and rustique, unique Japanese flavor bread like, cheese and shichimi (mixture of pepper and spices) and soy sauce mixed with soy bean. IMG_2967 There are seasonal special items that is attracting fans every year. On my visit, there was a bread using fresh & sweet corn. In autumn they will have a piece with satoimo (taro potato) and white miso (fermented soybean paste). The all time favorite Yugone Shoku Pain (pain de mie) was already sold out in the morning. IMG_2978 Corn bread takes plenty of time in maturing the dough. By doing so, the taste becomes more rich. The maturing time differs according to the bread but some would go as long as 20 hours! Simple rustique was an excellent example to understand how a 'long maturing time will enhance the taste', a phrase used by the owner Mr. Maeda. The more I chew, the more sweetness and tastiness spreads out in my mouth. IMG_2976 There are breads that are baked only in the weekend, like rye bread. So, if you want to have as many choices as you could, try going in the weekends. Although popular ones could get sold out in the early morning, I recommend between 12-13:00 when many kinds come out from the oven. IMG_2968 IMG_2969 Kyoto has so many bakeries, yet is among the best. Try them once and you would probably want to come back again and again! Address: Chohachi-kan 1st floor, Takagamine Fujibayashi cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto Phone: +81(0)75-495-6313 Hour: 9:00-18:00 Holiday: Tuesday, Wednesday