Higuchi farm

A mission of passing on traditional vegetables' seeds to the future depends on old-established farmers.

On a hilly terrain, Takagamine is suitable for growing vegetables because of good water drainage. Fine particles of clayey red soil help absorb manure. has run a farm business for 400 years so far.   06-IMG_0085 Sales store in front of their farm.   04-IMG_0083 They grow 30 to 40 kinds of vegetables in a year. Some of them are Kyo vegetables such as Kamo-nasu (Kamo egg plant), Kujo-negi (Kujo green onion). Half of the buyers are coming from traditional Japanese restaurant and authentic restaurant. There are quite a few chefs, who loves vegetables of , coming to this place to gather in a crop every day. When we interviewed them in the middle of August, it was a season for Takagamine pepper. They don't know clearly when this vegetable was started growing at all, but in Mr.Higuchi's grand mother's lifetime, it had already been grown. After 10 years, Takagamine pepper is going to be more than 100 years old which could be the same age as Kyo vegetable brand.   32-IMG_0162   15-IMG_0108 I tried green and vivid red ripe peppers uncooked. Green pepper tastes less harshness and has crunchy texture. It might be good with bonito flake and soy sauce after frying with a strong fire at some distance. On the other hand, red pepper tastes fruity and sweet. They usually harvest peppers before they get ripe because they absorb too much power out of its own tree. So, red ones are rare but it is amazingly juicy. Some chefs use the red ones for making mousse.   21-IMG_0128 Mr.Higuchi says, "Even though I have so many experiences, I cannot beat bad weather. Within a limited power I have, I keep taking a look at how my vegetables do and preparing for the weather tomorrow. However, sometimes a typhoon destroys everything. I wonder how many times I wanted to quit this job." The reason why he keeps moving forward is because he has a pride that he doesn't want to give up everything his ancestors built so far. Mr.Higuchi's father protected their traditional vegetable's seeds such as Takagamine pepper. "Technique and skill can be re-started even though you take a rest for a while. However, once the seeds comes to an end, it is over. Even crossbreeds are not good at all.   25-IMG_0139 Vegetables from are available at the fresh vegetable store called 'Tokimachishoku' close to Kitaoji subway station. There will be only seasonable and fresh vegetables at the store just like you can see at the farm. "When you buy vegetables there and talk to the producer, then you will understand how important to eat seasonable and fresh veggies. Your words and opinion will definitely encourage them." I would like you to taste their vegetables with their effort and knowledge once in your lifetime.   ADDRESS : 5 Tsuchitenjo-cho Takagamine, Kita-ku, Kyoto city (MAP) PHONE : +81(0)75-492-7950 HOURS : 9:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m. CLOSED : Open throughout a year