Miyakohonpo Koetsudo

Authentic Kyoto confectionery with a theme of scenes in Takagamine.

There are so many remains of the Odoi mound which Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI built in Kyoto. When you visit Takagamine Odoi, I would like you to check a famous confectionery at . IMG_2893 This confectionery store was established in 1967. It is right in front of Takagamine Odoi across the street. The owner of this store fell in love with this place which has a great scenery and historical famous temples and decided to start his business there. The store name is coming from Koetsu temple which is in a neighborhood. Before they opened the store, they visited the temple to ask a permission of use its name. Now, all the temples including Koetsu temple become good customers. IMG_2889 Photos of the days when they opened their business. 'Odoi-mochi' is the primary product of Koetsudo which is inspired by Odoi in front of the store. Strained bean paste is wrapped by Habutae-mochi with red pea. They make a chubby shape like Odoi. Soybean flour on top of it has an image of red soil. They try to make the color closer by blending some. Soft and slightly salty mochi taste makes me reach to the second one. They steam twice, so it will never get harder in a few days. IMG_2885 There is one more confectionery related to this location and that is 'Koetsu-gaki'. Koetsu-gaki is one of the traditional takegaki, and because Koetsu Honami, who was the artist and lived in Takagamine in Edo era loved this product very much and therefore it was named after that. You can see his collection at Koetsu temple which used to be Koetsu house. On top of 'Koetsu-gaki' from has a brand shaped for its hedge. It looks like this is just a simple flour manju (steamed bun), but actually soybean flour is kneaded in the chinese yam dough. Very authentic combination with moist texture and strained bean paste. IMG_2871 You can borrow a key to Takagamine Odoi at . It might be cool to eat 'Odoi-mochi' or 'Koetsu-gaki' at Odoi in sakura or autumn tints season.   ADDRESS : 1-203 Kyudoi-cho Takagamine, Kita-ku, Kyoto city (MAP) PHONE : +81(0)75-492-0798 HOURS : 8:00 a.m. ~ 7:00 p.m. CLOSED : Thursday