Onikuya-san Okada Shoten, a butcher in Fushimi

Butcher that is a pillar of food culture in Fushimi

  01-IMG_0707_3 There are 7 shopping streets in Fushimi, each within walking distance from each other. Furoyamachi shotengai is one of them. 21-IMG_0782_3 has been a pillar of this street's food culture for 70 years. It started business soon after the World War II. The expansion of Okada Shokuhin Center shops, which sold various food besides meat, throughout Fushimi proved them as the frontier for supermarket business in the area. 10-IMG_0738_3 Today, a butcher is run by this couple who has taken over the business from their parents, in this single shop where it had originally started their history. 23-IMG_0785_3 They are the butcher of the community. It is a shame not to try them out even if you are a passer by tourist. is popular for their fried-on-the-spot croquette, beef cutlet and chicken cutlet. 25-IMG_0788_3 26-IMG_0789_3 Meat prepared to be deeply fried, awaiting for that moment. 08-IMG_0732_3 They fry after getting the order. 03-IMG_0718_3 07-IMG_0731_3

Crispy outside, steaming and soft in the inside. Freshly fried croquette at butcher is usually good, but theirs is the best.


I asked if there is any tips in making such a tasty croquette, and they simply answered that they are using a good meat, although the prices are reasonable.


Croquette, curry croquette, meat cutlet, chicken cutlet... 5 for 540 yen.

  19-IMG_0769_3 Kushi-katsu, fried food on a stick, is 140 yen each. There are foreigners living in Fushimi that has become a great fan of them and they often bring tourists with them. The owner's wife speaks good English too. 24-IMG_0786_3 You can eat out here with cold tea that they offer as complementary. 11-IMG_0745_3 If you visit this shop, don't miss meeting the 91 year old mother of the owner.

She started with her husband when she was 20. 71 years since then, she has been part of the food culture in Fushimi. Very well known in Kyoto's meat industry. She is also a relative of , a famous Shabu-shabu restaurant in Kyoto.

  12-IMG_0746_313-IMG_0747_3 She still has an important role in this butcher. Her homemade barbecued pork. 14-IMG_0749_317-IMG_0760_3

Extremely good with the sauce, I mean, how can it not be? She has been making this for more than 70 years! It filled my mouth with happiness, purely a poignant moment.


She is still full of energy. They are having a family trip to Taiwan next month, and has gone up Mt. Fuji and enjoyed Hawaii too!


'There were tough moments when I was young, but now that I am old, I am grateful that I get to enjoy my life traveling' She kept on repeating how happy and lucky she was that I had been there to put an article of the butcher. I must thank YOU! It has been my most pleasure.





The conversation with customers were warm like a family.


They were even introduced to me as if they were one of the relatives, saying that the 3 brothers of their family looked so alike that she still can't tell them apart.


They are connected through blood indeed. They have grown up with the meat here, their energy created from them.

21-IMG_0782_3 <Onikuya-san, Okada Shoten> Address: 1-1-2 Houkicho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto (map) Hours: 10:00-18:30 Holiday: Friday