Bathing in high-quality water of Fushimi.

  31-IMG_1052_1 A western-style building with presence comes into my eyes in Chushojima with nostalgic Showa-era sceneries around. That is the sento (public bath) called established in 1931, early Showa era.   23-IMG_1040_1 18-IMG_1034_1 Even though the appearance of this building is pretty much old and impresses me so much already, once I go inside, I can see old signboards and tools which probably have passed more than 80 years.   20-IMG_1037_1 14-IMG_1020_1 There are old hair dryer chairs from good old days in woman's dressing room. Moreover, this massage chair has been woking more than 50 years so far without any failures.       05-IMG_0993_1 This is the bath room. Once you take a look at it, it's perfectly clean that I can even tell that they clean every corner everyday. I don't feel this is an old bath room at all.   06-IMG_0997_1 However, when you take a look at the old advertisement on the mirror, I can feel their history so much.     07-IMG_0998_1 03-IMG_0975_1 This hot high-quality water is coming from underground of Fushimi and also used for making Sake. They have deep bath, shallow bath, jet bath, cold water bath, steam sauna for both man and woman.     04-IMG_0979_1

I politely ask the owner to turn on a switch for the jet bath since I am here before the opening time. Because there is a full of water in this bathtub, once the bubbles come out, so much water overflows out of it.

  01-IMG_0966_1 The owner of the second says, "After all, I think clean and high-quality water is the best for the bath and also I want all the bathtubs to be full all the time. Don't you think that you are going to feel really really good when you jump into the bathtub with full of water?" I hear that so many fans who are charmed by his hospitality comes here from far.       32-IMG_1053_1 When you keep running a sento business, you are going to face that water heaters and boilers are going to be broken one by one. If you want to repair them, it costs several millions yen.   12-IMG_1012_111-IMG_1009_1 The cost of repairing will be more than what you expect in the income. This is the reason why so many good sentos have gone in the history.   However, Shinchiyu repaired and renewed their facilities recently.     16-IMG_1028_1 "Because I want to keep having this sento for more than 100 years from now on. It might be impossible but you know." He tells a joke to me, but I feel his passion behind his words.   Regardless of decreasing customers in the change of time, his daughter helps him out right now, but he doesn't have a will to let her inherit this sento.   08-IMG_1000_1 21-IMG_1038_1 No one knows how long this place will keep running. However, it is still here and waits for us with plenty of high-quality water of Fushimi.   27-IMG_1048_1 When you visit Fushimi and before you get drunk with genuine sake, why don't you take a bath and relax here.     28-IMG_1049_1 ADDRESS : 4-31 Minami Shinchi, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto city (MAP) HOURS : 4:00 p.m. ~ 11:00 p.m. CLOSED : Monday PRICE : Adult : 430 yen / Elementary school : 150 yen / Baby : 60 yen