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Editing production girls in Kyoto are sending you the charm of Kyoto freely with funny stories and discoveries in their daily life.

編プロ女子/Editing production girls


Editor girls at the editing production in Kyoto, write a column to you. We work with 3 cores ‘planning’, ‘editing’, and ‘design’ in Kyoto which their traditions and cultures are still alive. Through our plenty of great experiences, we are going to introduce ‘Now in Kyoto’ to you and we want as many people love Kyoto as possible.

2016.12.29 THURSDAY

We found new Kyoto!

  We have enjoyed the season of autumn tints and finally the cold winter comes to Kyoto. We cannot go outside without any winter close for sure and now I am heading toward my office with lots of layers on me by motorcycle every morning.

  Now, what do I imagine when the winter comes around... Yes, it is Christmas holiday season! I can imagine that you went out for Christmas with your boyfriend? or girlfriend?

  One of the popular destination for a lovely couple will be this illumination spots! We have a lot of illumination spots in Kyoto.

  First of all, it is in front of Hotel Okura. Very impressive to see a huge Christmas tree.

  Second, it is ROHM on Gojo-kasuga Street. Trees are lined up on both sides on the street with so many beautiful lights. It makes you feel like you are under the arch of light. Gojo-dori Street is a commuting path for everyone in Kyoto, so that people can see them everyday, but unfortunately we work till late so, we always miss the lights on our way home. I was like, “I couldn’t see it again...” everyday after work and passing through a dark street going back home.


  These sparkling and mysterious illumination is amazing. We all love autumn tints, but we also love the cityscape which we can enjoy the change of season. If you want to see the other interesting sight in the winter time, I would like to talk about it.

  This is a corner of down town in Kyoto, Gion. This convenience store, LAWSON, in front of Yasaka-jinja Shrine is not a standard blue image! Their color is brown completely.

  Seven Eleven at Heianjingu-mae. This place doesn’t look like a ordinary convenience store at all. There is also a rest place at their parking lot, which means Okazaki area knows what to do since they are already well-known for the sightseeing place.

  To tell you the truth, Kyoto city regulates a height of building and billboard not to destroy the scenery of Kyoto. (the highest building in Kyoto is Nippon Densan Corp Building in Minami-ku)

  Whoever come and visit Kyoto, or even people who live in Kyoto can find your own hidden Kyoto as if you look for hidden Mickey mouse in Tokyo Disneyland. We also would like to find new Kyoto next year again and would like to share everything with you.