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Female university students who learn editing skill in Kyoto write about things they learn at classes, discoveries, and their life as a student. Please take a look at how they make an effort in their life by learning editing.

文学女子/Literature girl

A student of Doshisha Women’s Coll. of Liberal Arts, a department of Japanese Language and Literature. We spend time to learn literature and language through a workshop class everyday in Kyoto. We are the students who learn editing techniques. Various ways of students’ life, such as those who live in a small apartment or those who commute to school from their parent’s home will be uploaded.

2016.12.22 THURSDAY

Lights decorate the city of Kyoto.

  This is ‘K’ and I am going to write the third Akarenga news today.

  I went to Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatoro (Light and blossoms pathway) for the first time yesterday.

  This Hanatoro is held every year in winter time and cultural heritages and nostalgic streets are light up in Kyoto.

  Arashiyama is a representative sightseeing place in Kyoto and it has different attractiveness through out the whole 4 seasons. Now you can see so many foreign tourists and one of the hot spots people from all over the world visit.

  Famous Togetsukyo Bridge, bamboo forest path, temples and shrines were light up at this Arashiyama Hanatoro event and I was able to enjoy the differences between the daytime.


  Of course that everything with lights around was perfect and beautiful but the most attractive thing I got into was the hand-made art works with lights.

  I especially felt that each work created by art university students were very unique. A picture down below is called ’Togetsukyo’ and it expresses the scenery of reflecting their figures on the moon based on the original story of Togetsukyo Bridge.


  Not only adults could participate in this event, but also local elementary school students’ paintings were exhibited as paper-covered lanterns. I was able to feel the warmness from their works since they worked really hard to paint all these.


  Through various works at this event, I was wondering what all these creators thought of when they were making and painting...  and I walked around Arashiyama with that question in my head.

  Since I went to Hanatoro, I started feeling that I wish that people whoever take our magazine would feel the same way as I did.