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1990年 長崎生まれ。
学生時代の海外貧乏旅行、大学卒業後の国内放浪を経て、期間限定で岡山県のPR職を経験。その後瀬戸内海でのゲストハウス管理人、魚市場でのアルバイトをしつつのんびり暮らしているところに、当時雜誌『THE DAY』クリエイティブ・ディレクター(現BEACON KYOTO編集長)石野亜童に「発見」してもらい、弟子入り。

2015.11.23 MONDAY

Report on Kurashi no recipe vol. 2

Here is a report on my visit to Kurashi no recipe vol. 2, an event marche held at the roof of Fujii Daimaru on November 15th.


This is the venue, Fujii Daimaru, a department store with 80 years of history and many of their tenants are also well known established  apparel brands.


The moment I stepped out to the rooftop area, there were people, people , people and people.


There seemed to have been more than 1,000 visitors. 

Here is a short description of Kurashi no recipe.

'An event marche operated by people in the fashion and creative field in Kyoto'. The event is participated by various shops, brands, farmer and anyone related in lifestyle industry.  

People, things and ideas I met in Kurashi no recipe vol.2 

Egg sandwich by Cafe La Madrague and croquette bread by Nishitomiya Croquette were sold out very fast. 

Workshop by Nzinga de Capoeira Angola held at the center space had been crowded all day.

It was nice to see how the kids had been shouting with joy.
Nzinga de Capoeira Angola has a capoeira classes in the Demachiyanagi and Mibu Matsubara areas.

There were many other interesting workshops.

+wood's workshop making a small tree.

KURUMI(くるみ)'s wooden garland workshop.  

Kids are also having fun!

 beanxious's silk screen painting on a tote bag workshop. 

One of my favorite was Shubisha's workshop making your own notebook. 

They also sold new notebooks made by 4 creators recycling paper scraps piled up at the printing storage.

Some were big and thick like a dictionary, a notebook with carbon paper in every other page to make a copy, bright red ones made by kimono shop, etc. There were so many unique designs. I bought an ordinary notebook at the end, however.

Mr. Sekine (Right) bought an extra huge notebook. He organizes new concept convenient store nokishita711, and juice shop selling smoothie and soups made by Kyoto vegetables.

The pumpkin and matcha (green tea) potage was so delicious.

Here is another shot of Mr. Sekine, with his eyes open!


TAKE 3. 

Finally with his eyes open!

Thank you!!!

I had jam that can be mixed with wine, and it will be a fantastic sangria. 

Of the 3 framers participating this day, Seyanoko Shoten had come all the way from Kamiseya village in Tango region which is at the nort end of Kyoto.

Tango area is welcoming new generation people to move in now and is becoming more and more active. It is one of the area BEACON will want to focus on someday.

I bought 2 Tango Hanto, a bimonthly magazine.

I should visit this place soon. 

▽Seyanoko Shoten FB fan page

▽Seyanoko Shoten Website


Ms. Akiko Igaki, one of the organizer.

She has been managing the Facebook event page for Kurashi no recipe project. I had always been impressed by how neatly and well organized this page was.

I asked whether handling such a big event is a chaos, and she simply replied 

'no, everyone helps me out'.

The exhibitors and other organizers are a long time friend, some even goes back a decade. 

Each of the friends had become to be someone capable of doing something, so they got together and here they are.

I can see how this project is a success, having a good relationship at the core part.


Personally, I enjoyed the early evening time most since people had ceased away a bit and I was able to enjoy conversation with the exhibitors.

Their next marche is planned to be around spring so for those who missed the previous chance, check it out!

I'm also hoping BEACON KYOTO can do something too. 

Lastly but not the least, bakery Eiffel in Fushimi Inari area.

I tried their popular Neo chocolate, that they even have a patent.
It is so right, I would be having this if I were living near the shop.
They are sold at junior high and high schools.