【Best during early-mid September】Soba-no-hana (Buckwheat flower) will be in full bloom!

The Inukanno area in Nishibetsuin-cho, Kameoka City is becoming more and more known for firefly spot along the pure river stream.

The temperature changes widely between day and night here due being up 400 meters above sea level. Their climate is said to suit agricultures such as buckwheat that are used for soba noodles.

We got the news that the buckwheat flowers are starting to bloom!

(Photo taken on August 29th)

They are in full bloom during early to mid September, which is the period you can also enjoy the rice harvesting, too. Visitors can eat Inukanno Soba noodle, and buy soba, rice, fresh vegetables at the farmer's market Inukanno Fudokan Kira. Many people fill up the place especially during the weekends.

(Bamboo rice are also sold during its season) 

Why not visit this rare spot in Inukanno to enjoy the Japanese  scenery.

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Farmer's market Inukanno Fudokan Kira
HOURS: (Farmer's market) 9:00-17:00
             (Restaurant) 10:00-16:00
CLOSED: Thursday, year-end & new-year
PARKING: Space for 20 cars
PHONE: +81(0)771-27-2300